Buying "Danske jordbundsprofiler"

"Danske jordbundsprofiler" is the first substantial work, which in words and pictures describes typical soil profiles in Denmark.

68 profiles have been selected, described and illustrated with a total of 260 colour photographs of the profiles and the typical landscapes, which are attached to the localities.

The work of reference can be a big aid regarding the reafforestation but generally it is usable for everybody who works with the Danish soils "Danske jordbundsprofiler" is printed on a special paper, which makes it possible to use it in the field. The 176 pages (in Danish) are collected in an A4-ring binder.

Publisher: Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences
Price: 1 piece 295 DKK incl. posting in DK
over 10 pieces 270 DKK each, incl. posting in DK
Order: Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences
Ebbe Birch
Phone. +45 8999 1615